Whitland Mill

Whitland Mill - Hendy Gwyn was demolished about 30 years ago. My present home is built on the front part of the site and I have been able to preserve the footprint of the original structure. To date I have not been able to find any documented information about the workings of the mill. It was part of the Yelverton’s Whitland Abbey Estate until 1927 when it was sold away. The 3d drawings below are based on the memories of Mr. Graham Morgan who lived adjacent to the site in Maes-Yr- Haf until about 1943 when he was 16. Graham’s Grandfather and father operated the mill when he was small He has been a great help in clarifying many details about the site but his memories of the mill buildings and interior are a little cloudy consequently exact location of doors, windows etc are still uncertain.
To avoid this mill becoming another lost mill and another destroyed piece of Local history 
If any one can offer any information or memories about the mill please get in touch
My thanks to John Peck for his help to date

Site plan and map circa 1926

Sketch by Barry Glover, a neighbour as he remembers the mill before it was demolished