Coed Trewernau

Melin Coed Trewernau is in the old county of Radnorshire and located in the Parish of Llandewi-Ystradenni.

There is a huge amount of information about the mill which has been researched by the present owners and published in the Welsh Mills Society journal  – Melin 34. This includes a detailed analysis by the late Alan Stoyel.

Much of the ancillary machinery has been lost, the iron work probably sold for scrap and the timberwork burnt to keep the adjoining house warm.

Coed exist-1 Coed exist-3d-1

It seems there was an additional outlet in the floor adjacent to the existing millstone which could have fed a device called a ‘JogSkry’. This is a type of vibrating sieve. There were many configurations of this device. Generally it had different size meshes to allow the separation of such things as grass, straw, small seeds or the shells from grain before milling began. It could also be used to separate different grades of flour in the absence of a wire machine that in later times was used to sort and grade flour. There is nothing remaining in the mill to define if one did exist, or its form or actual function.  The drawings above show the mill without a jog skry and below are two possible variations based on the equipment I’ve seen in other Welsh mills including Melin Blaenpennal using a winnower and Cenarth falls using trays that are shaken. Probably the front of the hurst frame would have been boarded, but whether flour troughs were ever in place is questionable. In its later life sacks were supported on nails and filled directly via the flour chutes from the millstones.

Coed 2nd col 3
Coed 1st col 7
Coed win-3d-1 Coed win-3d-3
Coed win-3d-2
Coed mill-5
Coed 3d-1st-floor-4 Coed jog-3d-1
Coed Cenarth-typs-jog-skry
Coed jog-3d-2
Coed jog-2