Dinas Saw Mill

Felin Dinas / Dinas saw mill site nr Trelech Carmarthenshire comprises  both a corn mill and a saw mill. The corn mill is now derelict, but the saw mill in the hands of its new owner is likely to be restored.  Alan Stoyel and several members of the Welsh Mills Society carried out a survey some years ago and John Peck has put pen to paper to record the structure and compiled the history of the mills and the family running them. This work is shortly to be released in a future copy of MELIN, which is an annual publication produced by the  Cymdeithas Melinau Cymru - Welsh Mills Society

The drawings below show the mill in three stages. The first when it was powered by a 3.5m. water wheel, the second set with the change of drives to the smaller saw and planer and the third with the change of power to the Lister diesel engine. Generally the sliding bed saw is the original and is the same in all the drawings. The drive shaft against the wall has 6 pulleys, of which only one aligns with current equipment showing signs of the mills earlier life, so the planer may be a new addition justifying the drive arrangement above it, which in turn destroyed access to the band saw. The configuration of the launder is not as described in the earlier surveys and should only be treated as indicative that a launder was present. It was felt there was no space behind the wheel for the original device so it discharged in front of the wheel. No means of its operation exist.

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Belt layout of Diesel driven arrangement. The wheel now only drives the dc generator

2ND STAGE SETUP? Drive belt connects to central pulleys.

Belt arrangement for Diesel powered mill