Gorse Mill

The mill was built originally at Deheufryn farm, Dolwen, Denbighshire around 1845 and then dismantled & rebuilt at the National Heritage museum at St. Fagans nr Cardiff in 1979

From the 18th century to the end of the Second World War, most Welsh farmers used horses to carry out the work of the farm. Because of this it was important to feed horses well, and gorse was an important part of their diet. It was specially grown on a large scale but had to be bruised or crushed to make it fit to eat. The metal arms shown set into the shaft andframe are from 1” square iron bar & staggered diagonally

I am uncertain of the purpose of the pulley between the water wheel and the crusher. When its true purpose is established I will update the drawings. The launder & gate onto the do not exist so the arrangement shown is only supposition on my part. If anyone has more information on this type of mill I would love to hear from you

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The Gorse mill is one of the five buildings that have a water wheel at St Fagans. The others are below 

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