About Me

I am John Brandrick former proprietor of A0 Technical Drawing Services.

I served a 5 year apprenticeship on site from 1961 until 1966 and then moved into the drawing office. Since then I have worked as a Draughtsman, Designer and Engineer in the Construction & Process Industries but now I am now fully retired

I became interested in mills because both of the properties in Wales I have lived in since 1984 had water wheels and both had their workings removed and destroyed without any records being made. Not understanding really how they worked I tried to find out, I did not realise it would become a near obsession!.  Mills are working buildings that react to the people operating them. They are disappearing quickly so if they are not recorded now we may never have the chance. only a few of my drawings of each mill are shown here but I have lots for each mill, if you want to see any contact me

 I have reorganised the site because a Friend who designs web sites described my old a0tech web site as like walking around a street market you dont know what you will stumble on next, (I think she actually meant it was disorganised! as opposed to her vision of a Supermarket where everything is tidy, well organised and easy to find, so this is my attempt to follow her advice and be tidy minded - Thank you Sarah

 In recent years I have put my Architectural and Mechanical draughting skills into carrying out surveys and preparing record drawings of Historical structures, mainly mills as a hobby.
Previously My Engineering/Draughting background covered Piping and Plant Layout, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Mechanical services and Civil. Drawing work on projects that included High Rise Buildings, Nuclear power stations,  Cobalt recovery, Underground and Above ground Mining projects in Africa. In the UK & Canada I worked on numerous and various manufacturing plants including Dairy, Cheese, Savory & Sweet Food Flavoring, Yoghourt and other Major industrial processes for several International Manufacturing Companies here in Wales