Woollen mill

The mill was built in 1760 at Esgair Moel, Llanwrtyd, Powys (Breconshire) and was extended later to accommodate new machinery. It continued in production until 1947 and was moved to St Fagans in 1949.

The internal water wheel, which powers all of the machinery, is located on the ground floor, next to the hammers of the fulling stocks.The mill continues to produce traditional shoulder shawls and Welsh carthenni or blankets, which are often to be seen stretched on the tenter frame outside

The survey is ongoing and only the fulling hammers and main drive drum are shown at present. Additional shafting and pulleys are shown at bottom of the page

          Tannery          St Fagans, Cardiff

The Woolen mill is one of the five buildings that have a water wheel at St Fagans the others are below

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