Felin Cwm was a water powered corn mill that was working commercially until the 1950’s and privately for some years after producing animal food for the farm it is located on. The mill was powered by an overshot wheel from which the tail race supplied a fulling mill and dye house downstream on the same site. There was also a mesh topped kiln about 8’ square by 4’ high in an adjacent building. The corn mill is almost certainly of late 18th century origin but changed probably mid 19th century. The mill building was demolished mid 2013 due to major structural defects in the gable wall which was falling inwards possibly due to decay in the random slate blocks it had been built from. The experts believe the mill only had a single stone but was converted around 1870 and the second stone installed. Possibly this is when some of the gearing, the water wheel shaft  was changed and the roof raised to provide an attic.

My thanks to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales RCMAHW. for the information they provided without which the assembled drawings would have been impossible & the help of the owner Mr Alun Thomas & his Son Geraint

Upon the demolition of the mill the Cymdeithas Melinau Cymru - Welsh Mills Society, acquired most of the machinery and have relocated it to another site where it is stored until a new home can be found for it. There is a basic spec at the end. Contact the Secretary for further details

There are still a few details to be confimed regarding machinery that had been removed from the mill several years ago & will be added later

Basically the equipment for sale is per the detail above