Waterwynch Farm

Waterwynch Farm is near Red Roses in Carmarthenshire.

The wheel which most likely drove a selection of farm machinery had been severely damaged, probably with a sledge hammer for scrap. Fortunately a few parts remained where it had been too difficult to remove from parts from the wheel pit. There was sufficient sections of the shroud and ring gear left for me to establish its diameter and number of buckets, the hub details and the bed plate that carried the gears. A bevel gear was still in place some 3 - 4m above the level of the shaft Plummer blocks. This shaft carried a spoked pulley on the ground floor above. The clutch was missing so the detail I've used is similar to devices I have seen else ware.

water possible-equipment-1
waterwynch  wheel-3 waterwynch-3
water drive-shaft waterwynch Wheel-control
waterwynch--1 water Clutch

In a property adjacent to the farm house the owner had retrieved a cast iron horse mill from a pond in their garden

water horse-mill5
water exploded-2
water horse-1

When the device was measured it was laid upside down as shown above.