The mill building was originally built as two mills, the left side is believed to have been a mirror image of the right and probably built by the famous millwright William Hazeldine as many of the components reflect his style, but the exact layout of the attic is under review. A brick barn was added to the mill which housed a Thresher and possibly other farm machinery. It was in place when David H Jones recorded the mill in 1967. The crown wheel  still has an auxiliary shaft which drove it before the building became derelict due to a defective roof . There are signs of two other shafts that drove the sack hoist and a flour grader.  At some point the left mill was destroyed but doorways and fire places for both mills still exist on the dividing wall. The mill became virtually derelict and generally unsafe but is now being carefully restored as time and funds permit.

The drawings show a mixture of how the mills and barn may have looked when they were a pair and also how the single mill looked based on early photographs and several taken by David H Jones during the 1960’s. One wheel, the shaft  and main gearing along with the millstones still exist. If any one can give guidance on additional machinery or equipment please let us know