in 1986 Andy Tatchell took on the mammoth task of restoring this traditional village corn mill back to working order.  There was a mill on the site owned by Llanthony Priory during the medieval period. The current building dates from the late 1700's with it's mill pond, working water wheel and gearing to drive two pairs of stones. The end wall was re-bricked at the start of the Second World War and gun ports formed so the home guard could defend the village in the event of an invasion

Andy  wrote about the history of the mill and restoration to bring it back to working condition over a period of 38 years, in an article printed in the February 2024 edition of the SPAB magazine. A report that is well worth reading.

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As well his many achievements Andy is an Aperist and his bees produce outstanding honey. As you can see you can buy it direct from the producer