I visited Charlecote mill in Warwickshire on a mill experience weekend earlier this year. It is an annual event where enthusiasts can spend 2 days carrying out maintenance and learning some of the finer points of milling. It covers understanding the different types of grain and helping those attending to be familiar with the machinery and setting up the  equipment and stones etc. John Bedington has run the mill for many years but has retired (stepped sideways I’m sure) to hand over the reins to  Karl Grevatt.

Karl was a carpenter and worked extensively with English Heritage so the mill should be in good hands and I am sure everyone wishes him good luck with the new venture.

I have added a link to the new website of Charlecote at the foot of the page

If anyone is interested in attending the weekend in April contact Andrew Findon via the Midland Wind & Water Mill Group

South (front) Wall removed

The mill is of brick construction and powered by two separate water wheels. Most of the drawing work is complete for the equipment but there are still a few items of equipment still to be measured as well as the bin floor (3rd level)

West side

East side

Below are several renderings of the whole mill (as measured so far). If you click on either of the cross sections above it will take you to a page just dealing with the equipment in that side

View from North West

View from North

View from North East

West to East

West to East

East to West 

West to East

Charlecote Mill has had many Millers over more than 200 years. The current Miller is Karl Grevatt who took over the lease of the mill in September 2012.

Click on the image to visit their new web site