Gayle Mill

Gayle Mill is a fully restored 19th century state of the art sawmill
with working Victorian machinery and water-powered turbines.

it was built in 1784 as a cotton mill. In 1879 the Mill took on a new lease of industrial life when it was converted into a mechanised sawmill. The waterwheel was removed and replaced with a Thomson double-vortex turbine, built by Williamsons (now Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd) of Kendal. The 10hp (7.46kW) turbine drives a range of woodworking machinery incl. a rack sawbench, circular saw, planner/thicknesser, and 2 lathes by a series of belts and pulleys off a central line-shaft, generally as shown below. I am awaiting confirmation of a few dimensions then I will complete the drawings of the building with the machinery in place

(Many thanks to Gilkes for their help )


All three turbines where produced by the Gilkes company. The two blue turbines shown above drive generators. If you have considered generating power in your own mill or from a water course maybe Gilkes Technical department can assist

Gayle Mill is a registered charity which receives no revenue grants. They must make our own way in the world and need the support of as many people as possible, whether they are local residents, visitors or well-wishers from afar. There are many ways you can help Gayle Mill.

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