There are two mills in Ortaca, the first and original mill is at the junction into the town on the main artial road to Koycegiz and the second on the small industrial estate off the Dalyan road. The mill adjacent to the main road was locked so I couldnt access the equipment, but I was able to photograph it through the steel mesh door. (see further down the page) There where external signs the first mill was originally water powered. Both mills are now driven by electric motors. The first has two sets of stones, one with 1200mm dia set and a smaller pair which appear to be about 600mm dia (4ft & 2ft ) the second mill  is the one shown below and identical to the large set  at the first. Both mills are owned by the same family. There are several other more modern machines in the mill which is in a modern precast concrete structure. While I was measuring they did run the stones and grind a large bag of broad beans on the machine below for soup at a local restaurant. It appears they loose about 1kg of product in the stones after each run.

Something I hadn’t seen before,  with the speed of the runner stone centrifugal force sticks some of the products to the sides and stops the flow down to the furrows. The metal sleeve in the eye of the millstone is distorted so they have fitted a pivoted arm which has a thick piece of rubber hose on the lower part which projects into the eye and is held against the side by an elastic rope to scatter the grain back into the middle. The shoe is also fitted with a grill to allow small grains and weed seeds etc to pass through

The first mill

The miller preparing animal feed on another mill