Kavak Arasi

Kavak Arasi is a village near Dalyan in Turkey that had a working water mill which was recorded and photographed by Tom Hay. He prepared an article about the mill in 1997 for the TIMS journal no 54. and used some of his photos. By chance I came across this edition and realised the mill was only 8km from where I normally go on holiday. In June 2013 I went to see the mill and alas like many of the British mills it was now derelict. The roof had failed and collapsed, the grain hopper was on its side and the whole thing generally vandalised and full of rubbish. The mill stones where in place on their supporting timbers so I was able to measure the structure, Davit and locate the stones within it. With the help of Toms photos and dimensions and those I took I was able to prepare the drawings below. Without Toms efforts it would not have been possible to record the mill

I will complete my survey and add extra drawings in October when I can take more suitable clothing as crawling along culverts and climbing through overgrown vegetation is difficult in shorts and sandals.