Karadonlar,Koyu, Cene is a rural mill south of Ortaca. I think mainly is used for animal food.  I found  3 mills with this arrangement of equipment. Basically it is a 80x80 RSA frame. Each corner of the frame about 450mm from the floor has a horizontal  diagonal brace that carries a vertical jacking bolt to support  the bed stone and used for leveling. At the same level there are four vertical angle irons set diagonally and slightly off the centre line . Each carries a horizontal bolt to give adjustment to the bed stone in that plane.  In Ortaca the stone ran at 80rpm, the driven pulley was 1000mm dia and the drive pulley 100dia giving a motor speed of 1600rpm. The stone height is adjusted via the hand wheel below the outlet. It appears there is approximately 1kg of product left between the stones after each run. Should you be wondering, the structure is a complete building with a tiled roof, timber doors and windows, I have just cut through it to illustrate the equipment