FARALYA was visited and measured by mill enthusiast Tom Hay in1998 while the mill was being restored by its Turkish owner Mr Farah. The adjacent buildings on the site have now been developed as a hotel. It is set onto the side of cliff with lovely terraces overlooking the crystal clear Agean just a mile or so from the beaches at Ölüdeniz nr. Fetiyre. Sometimes you ask silly questions and I couldn't see the logic of building a mill 3/4 way up a cliif but it was pointed out the locals didnt carry the corn up to the mill but brought it down from the top! reminded me to always think laterally. The actual mill equipment is in very good condition but hasn't been used for a number of years and is currently used as a store room. The leat and supply are connected and running but are piped around the turbine rotor. The name for a watermill in Turkey is Su Degirmeni. There is a link at the bottom of the page to the hotel

Click on the photo of the leat to view the hotel web site. I should just mention that the access road to the village & hotel is by a very steep road across the face of the cliff, when you read th reviews of the mill  it obviously is well worth it.