Glencairn is a derelict South African watermill located near Simons town on their west coast near to Cape town. It was probably built in 1820

All of the hard work of recording this mill from the ruins shown and preparing the original Autocad record drawings has been carried out by an Architect, Paul Jaques who is also a part time miller at Mosterts windmill in Cape Town. All I’ve had to do is add the materials to Pauls drawings and manipulate his model into position which has given us the attached views. Paul is a mill enthusiast and along with the 'Friends of Mosterts mill' they are responsible for the restoration of the only working windmill in South Africa that still produces flour.  (Click the link at the bottom of the page to go to the windmill page)

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I've shown my drawings below on this page but if you click on the image to the left it will take you to a page where I there are some of Pauls drawings. I have used his CAD originals to produce my renderings. The page also shows his written summary of the information , facts and references He has used to complete his drawings from what can only be described as a site that is approaching being  a  pile of rubble. His photographs show the remains of the mill . It is a shame there are not more enthusiasts like him  who are prepared to go to such lengths to record a part of their countries heritage.

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