Mills Research Group

The Mills Research Group

The Group

The Mills Research Group was founded in 1979 as a voluntary society of enthusiasts conducting
research into some aspect of traditional milling, whether it be by wind, water or muscle power. In
May 2022 the group was closed, and their assets transferred to The Mills Archive Trust.

The Conferences
Each year since 1983 a conference was held at which members presented papers on research in
progress. These conferences lasted one day and were located in various places around U.K., usually
in or near a mill.

MRG Publications
The proceedings of each conference were printed and are available for purchase. In addition, the
Group has published a Gazetteer of windmills in England. A full list of the MRG publications is here:

The Future
The Mills Archive Trust is committed to developing resources for mill researchers. If you would like
to know more, register your interest by clicking on the image


    and then select - New mill research”